Orange Floral Water 🍊 Provides Supple, Nourished skin, Relives Stress & Anxiety [Toner]

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  • Treats Spasms
  • Acne Fighter
  • Help to Soothe Dry Skin
  • Treat Eczema
  • Reduce Acne Scars
  • Natural Anti-Bacterial
  • Skin Saver
  • Consult with Doctor if you have any Skin Issue
  • Reduces Pain
  • 150ml
Vendor: ChiltanPure
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Orange Floral Water - Provides Supple, Nourished skin, Relives Stress & Anxiety [Toner] - Mamasjan

Vendor: ChiltanPure

Orange Floral Water 🍊 Provides Supple, Nourished skin, Relives Stress & Anxiety [Toner]

Rs. 999

Vendor: ChiltanPure

Orange Floral Water 🍊 Provides Supple, Nourished skin, Relives Stress & Anxiety [Toner]

Rs. 999

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Do you want to know the secret to beautiful skin? Orange blossom water! You may think that this beneficial water comes from the pretty flowers of the orange tree, but that’s not the case.

Orange blossom water is a by-product of the process of distillation that is used to obtain the essential oil from the seeds, peel, leaves, bark, and pulp.

Distilled from the orange floral water at the highest level of purity to ensure a 100% pure, premium hydrosol that is a lab test.

Hydrosols are the aromatic remains after the steam-distillation process occurs. They are an excellent complement to essential oils because they are gentle enough to use directly on the skin and can be used on children.

Orange floral water is produced by steam distillation.R e-generating orange Floral is a natural toner that works equally well on faces.

Orange hydrosol is good in to heal pet’s wounds, conditioners your hairs and soothes the sunburn. It is good to promote sleep.

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Tones Up The Skin

Orange floral water is known for its wonderful effects on the skin. It is a great toner for oily skin. This flower water is so gentle that it is used as an ingredient in products made for babies. Replace your toner with this all-natural one, but make sure that you purchase Orange floral water made from natural and pure distillations.

Soothes And Relaxes Nerves

One of the reasons Orange floral water is so widely used in aromatherapy is the soothing effect it has on the nerves. Adding it to your bathwater will ease tension and even cure headaches. It also helps in relieving stress and anxiety.

Makes Skin Soft And Smooth

Another benefit of adding Orange floral water to your bath water is its ability to make your skin soft and glowing. It will help moisturize your skin and makes it feel like satin all day long. All you need to do is add ¼ cup of this amazing flower water, three tablespoons of honey and 2 to 3 cups of warm milk to your bath water to get beautiful, soft skin.

Settles Upset Tummies

In the Middle East, Orange floral water is used in a wide variety of ways. Children are given this beneficial flower water as a natural treatment for upset stomach, indigestion, and gas. It is known to work wonders, making it a great natural and safe remedy.

Soothes Redness And Irritations

As mentioned earlier, Orange floral water has fantastic effects on the skin. It is especially good for sensitive and oily skin types. It helps in soothing skin irritations and reduces the redness that comes with irritated skin. If your skin is prone to problems, use Orange floral water as an effective remedy.

Heals Pet Wounds

As you have read, Orange floral water is so mild that it is used in the making of baby skincare products in France. It is due to this gentleness that it can be used on animals. If your pet has a wound, you can use this water to help it heal faster.

Soothes Sunburns

Orange floral water and other flower hydrosols can be found in a wide range of skin lotions and creams due to their ability to help skin look and feel soft and beautiful. Your skin can benefit from this flower water when it gets sunburned as well. Its mild effect will help in soothing the burn and reducing the redness on your skin.

Conditions Hair

Orange floral water is also used in many hair care products. Not only does it smell amazing, but it also provides quite a few benefits as well. It helps in conditioning your hair so that it is lustrous and strong. Orange floral water also makes your hair shiny.

Freshens Air

One of the best things about Orange floral water is its beautiful fragrance. When you have it at home, you do not need a commercial air freshener. Just pour a couple of teaspoons of this flower hydrosol into a bowl of water and let its natural perfume fill every room in your home.

Promotes Sleep

You have already learned that the scent of Orange floral water has a cool effect. This is great for people who suffer from insomnia. All you need to do is drop a small amount on your bed sheet to let it take effect and help you drift off to a sweet, restful slumber. Just remember to sprinkle it on a small corner of your sheet as Orange floral water can stain certain fabrics.

(Skin)Spray the toner all over your skin (Keep away from eyes), let it dry (No wipes or towels require) and see a noticeably rejuvenated skin.
(Hair)Spray in your hair overnight and rinse in the morning.

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