Brahmi Oil – promotes hair growth, relieves stress and anxiety, Calms mind for a peaceful sleep

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  • Relieves stress
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Treats insomnia
  • Relaxes tension muscles
  • Helps reduce ADHD symptoms
  • Strengthens memory
  • Calms mind
  • Boosts brain functions
  • Cures dandruff
  • Healthy hair
  • Nourishes scalp
  • Premature hair greying
  • 200ml
Vendor: ChiltanPure
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Brahmi Oil – promotes hair growth, relieves stress and anxiety, Calms mind for a peaceful sleep

Vendor: ChiltanPure

Brahmi Oil – promotes hair growth, relieves stress and anxiety, Calms mind for a peaceful sleep

Rs. 600

Vendor: ChiltanPure

Brahmi Oil – promotes hair growth, relieves stress and anxiety, Calms mind for a peaceful sleep

Rs. 600

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ChiltanPure Brahmi Oil

ChiltanPure Brahmi Oil is the best product for a relaxed and healthy mind. It has many antioxidants to promote hair growth and strength and cures dandruff. An adequately nourished scalp is crucial as the scalp is responsible for hair regeneration and premature hair greying. Massaging the oil onto your scalp helps reduce dryness and itchiness caused by dandruff, allowing the scalp to relax and eliminate bumps.

Brahmi-infused oil is highly beneficial in reducing stress and anxiety. Moisturizing the scalp relaxes tense muscles and improves blood flow and circulation to maintain body health. Nourishing the scalp with oil also eases headaches and migraines.

Other excellent benefits include a calm mind. A clear mind is much needed to handle these days’ stresses. Using Organic Brahmi oil to destress is the best way to escape tensions. It also soothes and calms your mind, which can also help reduce ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) symptoms and help you concentrate completely.

Being surrounded by worries and distractions can cause you to be forgetful; this is a sign of a weak brain, Brahmi infused oil by ChiltanPure will help regulate blood circulation in the brain and boost brain functions to strengthen your memory.

Brahmi hair oil is quite advantageous as it will free you from all worries and have beautiful luscious hair.

Nourishes Scalp

Applying Brahmi hair oil to your scalp will nourish your hair and keep it moisturized and hydrated as carrier oils are present. It would be able to properly nurture your scalp for healthy hair and a tension-free head. Massaging it on your head will ensure the transfer of proper nutrition to your hair as they would stimulate the hair follicles to produce healthier and stronger hair.

Promotes Hair Growth

To give the best treatment to your hair and increase hair growth, use Brahmi-infused oil. It will make your hair stronger, longer, and healthier. Brahmi oil for hair growth will nurture your scalp, providing beneficial nutrients and triggering the hair follicles to reproduce faster. Many antioxidants present in this to help rejuvenate lost hair or growing hair, and it will promote good scalp and hair health.

Increases Hair Strength

It will prevent hair fall by providing the scalp with nutrients to strengthen them. As the hair growth increases, their strength will also be more significant. Brahmi oil for hair will encourage blood flow and the transport of antioxidants to improve your hair’s strength and thickness to make them completely break-free.

Cures Dandruff

Oiling your hair might be the best-known way to reduce dandruff. It will assist your skin with moisture and hydration to eliminate dandruff and crooked bums on your scalp. Taking care of your scalp is very important for better hair health. Using this oil is significant as it will not only satisfy your hair problems but also reduce stress.

Reduces Stress

Water hyssop helps in relieving stress and headaches. Giving your scalp that extra moisture and antioxidants may help ease anxiety. Massaging your head has proven to be soothing and beneficial as your scalp gets the proper care it needs. Bacopa manniera oil keeps hormones regular and makes it easier for you to stay calm and stress-free.

Relieves Anxiety

Anxiety is a reaction caused by stress. Organic Brahmi oil by Chiltan pure helps generate a stress response by regulating hormones. It can ease nervousness and other symptoms of anxiety by providing it with nourishment and care. Relaxing for a while helps cope with it, but that is not enough. Brahmi-infused oil will care of your health and reduce anxiety for a peaceful mind.

Treats Insomnia

Brahmi oil soothes your scalp, helping your tense muscles to relax and calm your brain. Many people experience sleeplessness and restlessness, for which water hyssop oil works wonders. It gives you a calming feeling, making it easier to have a good night’s sleep.

Improves Memory

Applying bacopa monniera oil to your head will ensure the supply of plenty of natural antioxidants to your scalp, giving it a boost in blood circulation to benefit your brain. Making sure that your mind is in a suitable place is vital because if it is not, that will affect you overall and damage your memory. If enough nutrients are provided, and no stress or tensions are bothering you, you will only be able to function decently. Rubbing the oil on your scalp will improve your memory and make it easy for you to remember things.

Boosts Brain Functions

Brahmi oil for the brain is effective as it boosts brain functions, and massaging the oil to your scalp helps balance the blood flow throughout the brain. Water hyssop oil sharpens brain cells and increases the chemicals for learning and memory. Boosting brain functions also decreases the chances of Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety, or sleeplessness.

Lessens ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

ADHD is when a person has trouble concentrating and experiences constant fidgeting and nervousness. It circles brain functions, and one cannot say that the oil will prevent it, but it certainly reduces the symptoms for you to relax. It calms your mind, which a person with ADHD doesn’t have the privilege of having. It gives a soothing feeling and enables you to throw your worries away for a moment of peace.


  • For Cognition: It helps in acquiring knowledge properly.
  • For Sedation: Brahmi oil will provide relaxation.
  • For Anxiety: It helps in calming down your nerves.
  • For Insomnia: It Will assist you with good sleep.
  • For Hair Growth: It consists of antioxidants that helps in hair growth and strength.
  • For Dandruff: The oil will moisturize your scalp resulting in reduced dandruff.

  • Put the required amount of oil in your hand.
    Apply on the scalp and massage for 15 minutes.
    Wash after 1 hour.

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