Anti-Acne Cream – Brightens Skin, Fades Acne, Lighten Acne Scars & Shed Dead Skin Cells

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  • Brightens Skin
  • Treats Acne
  • Fades Acne Scars
  • Shed Dead Skin Cells
  • Soothes Sensitive Skin
  • Minimize Pores Appearance
  • Controls Excess Oil Production
  • Prevents Black & White Heads
  • Enhances Skin’s Youthful Glow
  • 50Ml
Vendor: ChiltanPure
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Anti-Acne Cream – Brightens Skin, Fades Acne, Lighten Acne Scars & Shed Dead Skin Cells

Vendor: ChiltanPure

Anti-Acne Cream – Brightens Skin, Fades Acne, Lighten Acne Scars & Shed Dead Skin Cells

Rs. 1,199

Vendor: ChiltanPure

Anti-Acne Cream – Brightens Skin, Fades Acne, Lighten Acne Scars & Shed Dead Skin Cells

Rs. 1,199

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ChiltanPure Anti-Acne Cream

ChiltanPure Anti-Acne Cream's lightweight formula treats acne and pimples, reduce redness and swelling, fade scars, and leave you with bright, smooth skin. This anti-acne moisturizer treats blemishes while also preventing clogged pores and future breakouts. The organic blend in it aids in removing dead skin cells, and excess oil from the skin results in clear, radiant and youthful skin.

How does it work

Pakistan’s Best Anti-Acne Cream for face helps to strengthen the collagen and elastin structure of the skin while also improving skin texture. This cream penetrates the skin and helps boost its attractiveness. With continuous usage, skin damage is neutralized, which aids in the prevention of uneven skin tone and clogged pores while minimizing acne-related discoloration. It contains potent peptides and other natural active ingredients that help fade pigmentation, purify skin, and calm acne-prone skin.

Amazing Facts

  • ChiltanPure Anti-Acne Cream for face clears dead skin and prevents bacteria and potential irritants away.
  • This facial moisturizer reduces excess sebum on the skin and encourages skin renewal.
  • It removes excess oil from the skin and stimulates the growth of new skin cells and the elimination of old ones. 
  • The lightweight, gentle formula of anti-acne cream kills the germs and bacteria that irritate and works brilliantly for acne-prone skin. 
  • This nutrient-rich cream lessens the visible signs of skin aging, like wrinkles, fine lines, dryness, dullness, and lack of firmness.
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Brightens Skin

ChiltanPure Anti-Acne Cream repairs damaged skin while improving your facial complexion. Because it contains natural ingredients, it helps your skin cells provide intense moisture to your skin. This cream exfoliates dead skin cells from the top layer of your skin to give a brighter, smoother, and more toned complexion, which helps re-texturize your skin. It boosts collagen structure and improves skin elasticity, resulting in skin that is smooth and firm to the touch.

Treats Acne

Your facial skin will look young, clear, and attractive due to the hydrating confidence cream made with organic ingredients. It hydrates and soothes the skin while fading acne, lightening scars, and minimizing pores. The skin's surface and deeper layers are restored and covered by easy absorption of nutrients. This cream evens out the skin tone and reduces acne-related discoloration.

Soothe Sensitive Skin

Our anti-acne moisturizer has a powerful penetration ability and can be deeply absorbed into the skin, effectively treating and reducing acne and pimples. It also helps repair skin problems, shrinks pores, alleviates the harshness caused by acne, and soothes the skin.

Enhances Skin Youthful Glow

This Cream absorbs quickly and boosts the skin's natural moisture barrier. It effectively hydrates, minimizes the appearance of facial wrinkles, evens skin tone, and softens skin. Pores are visibly reduced by using this cream on the face. Also, it gives the illusion of a youthful glow and firm skin.

Control Excess Oil

This lightweight cream is ideal for people without oily skin, and it can help eliminate excess oil, diminish blemishes, and reduce redness while leaving the skin hydrated and firm. This antioxidant-rich formula also serves to seal in moisture and even out rough texture. It absorbs quickly and provides up to 24 hours of hydration.

Prevent Black & White Heads

This cream’s antibacterial properties help to prevent the formation of both whiteheads and blackheads by eradicating the skin germs that might cause spots. Moreover, it inhibits the skin cell growth termed keratins, which can clog pores and sebum, leading to oily residues and blackheads.

Wash your face before you apply this cream.
Collect a dime-sized amount of the cream. Dab it onto your face.
Follow an upward, circular direction to massage the cream onto your skin.
(Note)For External Use Only.

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